Our Methodology

Initor Global

The rapid rate of change in financial accounting services is overthrowing conventional business methods and disrupting the relevance of entire industries. Our FAO methodology is scalable, secure, accessible through the cloud and provides real-time, automated reporting.

Typically, clients find they enjoy lower IT costs and enhanced system reliability as a result of using our FAO services. We continuously evolve and improve technology as new technology becomes available.

Secure Server Based

Clients can scan and upload documents on to a secure FTP server located either in India or outside India. Our team can securely log into the server and access your data to begin work on the data obtained. Upon completion of work, our team will upload it back to the secure FTP server.

Email Based

Clients can send us all their documents over email. Our team will begin work one they receive the documents over the email.  The finalized documents are sent back to the client via email.

Remote Access Based

Our team can connect to the client computers by using remote desktop access service such as Secure VPN to process the work.  Clients can scan their documents and place it in a shared folder on their server. Once the work is completed, our team will log off the system.

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