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Initor has helped several

Over the years, Initor has helped several accountants and chartered accountancy practices to optimise their processes at lesser costs. We differentiate ourselves in our understanding of client business and the extent to which we have imbibed emerging technologies, data protection, and security into the delivery of services. At Initor, we have defined a set of strategies which assure that quality of services is always consistent along with meeting deadlines.

Knowledge of Client Business

Our team completely understands your business requirements and goals in order to offer you custom accounting outsourcing services.

Requirement Analysis

Initor offers on-boarding process based on thorough understanding the client business and structure. Based on need analysis, we evaluate the best solutions which can be implemented to suit their needs.

Mapping & Documenting

Our Strong documentation process involves drafting a comprehensive proposal as well as detailed implementation plan outlining the transition from client’s existing process and system to the new system.

Data Sharing Process

Initor team in collaboration with clients defines and establishes process for data sharing FTP, Cloud storage, VPN.

Customized CRM

We have designed and implemented an in-house CRM to keep real time track of the progress of our work. This helps us plan our strategies for on time delivery of quality services.

Service Level Agreements

Define strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the clients that include all the aspects of our services, cost as well as the timeline of the project.


Stay assured of 100% data privacy and protection in place for robust security of data. We follow standard data protection practices and we are a certified GDPR compliant company.

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