GDPR Compliance

Initor Global was among

Initor Global was among the first few accounting outsourcing companies to become General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. The EU GDPR is among the most important change in data privacy regulation with deep impact compared to the past mandate

We meet all the standards of the GDPR for personal data processing and security completely. We are associated with Prohal, Chartered Certified Accountants for all our GDPR Compliances. The co-founder of Prohal, Ms. Prodipta Patel is acting as our “Associate Consultant – GDPR Compliances”.


Why Traders Choose Us

Initor Global

Initor GlobalAdheres to Requirements for GDPR

  • Develop/update privacy policies, procedures and compliance based on requirements of GDPR.
  • DPO (data protection officer) to manage detailed mapping of all personal data processing.
  • Training programs for teams to raise awareness on personal data issues and regulations.
  • Contractual clauses with clients regarding personal data. Internal validation of security exhibits before signing of contracts.
  • Procedures to check implementation of personal data protection policies and transfer of personal data policies.
  • Conduct data discovery exercises and maintain documentation to demonstrate visibility of the personally identifiable information.
  • Tools for masking or applying pseudonyms to personal data.
  • Ensure personal data protection during encryption, archiving, or deletion (data lifecycle management).
  • Incident management process to report, respond and mitigate data breaches
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