Q. How long have we been in business?

A. Initor Global was incepted in 2006.

Q. Are we registered in the UK?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the qualification of your staff?

Chartered Accountants, Master of Commerce, MBA, Bachelor of Commerce.

Q. Are Management Accounts done by our Accountants or Bookkeepers?

A. Management accounts are worked upon by experienced accounting staff.

Q. What experience do you or Accountants and Bookkeepers have?

A. Our staff have experience ranging from 6 months to 10 years and are deployed to work upon variety of functions depending on client’ requirement. We have a dedicated team of expert accounting, payroll, tax and bookkeeping professionals with in-depth knowledge of UK legislation.

Q. What softwares do you use?

A. We are proficient with major UK accounting software packages and have expert and qualified teams
for accounting software as follows:

Book Keeping / VAT
  • Sage
  • Quick Books Online
  • CCH
  • Xero
  • FreeAgent
  • Clever
  • Receipt Bank
  • Auto Entry
  • VT Transactions
  • Navision
  • IRIS
  • Digita
  • Sageone
  • VT
  • SAPA
  • Tax Filer
  • Tax Calc

Q. How do we work through client’s software?

A. Our client’s give access to their systems and we logon to the systems via remote desktop connection (RDC). With cloud accounting, clients create a separate user and give us access to their softwares/systems.

Q. Are you GDPR compliant?

A. Yes we are GDPR compliant. Initor Global meets all requirements for GDPR Compliance.

Q. Do you use Working Papers?

A. We are very flexible. We can use our client’s working papers as well as utilizes ours depending on how the clients want to operate.

Q. Do we use any Xero Add-Ons? If so what?

A. Yes, Autoentry & Receipt Bank.

Q. What Bridging Software do we currently use for MTD?

A. Our team will ensure your software is compatible with MTD to submit VAT returns on spreadsheets using ‘bridging software’ to bridge the gap between Excel and HMRC’s system. We currently use QBO which is MTD compliant.

Q. Can we provide references?

A. We have many happy customers and can share references post signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality.

Q. What hours do you work to?

A. We work UK hours; i.e. 8am to 5pm GMT. If you want the staff to report early to take advantage of the time difference (4.5 hours), we can do that as well.

Q. What commercial models do you offer?

A. We offer a dedicated resource; i.e. full time, half time, ad-hoc and pay as you go models to ensure flexibility for our clients. Our commercials models are built to accommodate your firms end-to- end finance and accounting services requirements within specific business lines, geographic locations or domains.

Q. Will there be a dedicated team of Accountants/Bookkeepers working for us?

A. All our staff are deployed on respective accounts depending on the operational model; i.e. full time/half time dedicated resource.

Q. Will we get a dedicated Account Manager, phone lines and emails?

A. It depends on the Model you choose:

A) Adhoc model B) FTE C) THE model

Q. How do you ensure quality is maintained?

A. We have a proven governance methodology. When client sends over the job, we review them, estimate the time taken and update the client to ensure transparency. Once the job is completed, it is reviewed to ensure quality service delivery.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. We work upon payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, VAT, self assessment tax returns, and admin.

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