We follow strict protocols to implement physical as well as IT related aspects of data security.

Physical Security

  • 24*7 Surveillance: Our premises are covered with closed circuit cameras to monitor and secure our work place.
  • Access Control: Authorized personnel can entry into the production areas with access-based control.
  • Restricted Access: Entry to server room restricted and Authenticated by access card only.
  • Disables Ports: Workstations do not have CD R/W drives. The USB ports at the workstations are disabled.

IT Security

  • Anti-virus/ Spam /Spyware: Every workstation is installed with anti-virus and anti-malware software running periodic check on daily, weekly and monthly practice.
  • Firewall Defences: Access to company’s network is protected by default windows firewall software.
  • Client Information: All users have restricted access to client information. Only authorized users have access to information of the clients that they are working for.
  • Account management: Different policies like deactivation of accounts after separation of affiliation. The account access requirements are reviewed regularly for changes.
  • Session controls: Workstations and servers are configured to LOCK after unattended time. It requires re-authentication to unlock again.
  • Scheduled System Backup: Various backup operations are scheduled to prevent the loss of data.
  • Monitored web-access: Use of personal email accounts is not allowed to the users. The access to various Internet sites is also restricted and controlled.
  • Paperless environment: Serves dual purposed of being eco-friendly as well as ensuring security of data.
  • IP authentication: Restrict outsider access to confidential information within the office.


  • NDA & Non-compete agreement: All employees are bound by stringent non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
  • Data Confidentiality: We recognize that all the data and information provided by the client is confidential and strictly the property of the client.
  • Data Destruction: All raw and processed data whether in electronic format or in printouts will be destroyed once the work is over.
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