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Initor is a “global accountant company” with a client base spread across 20 countries including UK, USA, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, and many more. With an emphasis on accountability and reliability, our financial accounting services help accountants in the UK to focus on developing and executing business strategies quickly and effectively.

Offsite Accounts Department

We are your full-service finance and accounting department providing flexibility, agility, and cost-effective solutions to run your business.

Dedicated Team

Team of expert accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals providing expertise in both transactional and strategic matters.

GDPR Compliant

A GDPR-compliant firm providing complete data security, adhering to laws that impact not only, Finance & accounting, but also payroll systems, tax, and other vital functions.

Scalable Services

Greater control over finance and accounting functions and complete scalability to meet changing business realities.


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Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

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